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School district parent survey seeks input as it plans for new school year
Posted 5/29/20

On Friday, May 29, Bulloch County Schools sent a short, five -question survey via email and text message to the parents of its nearly 11,000 students. As of June 17, the district had received more than 11,000 responses, and had individual responses from a parent for more than 80 percent of its students.


Parents received a separate survey message for each child that is enrolled in the school district, who lives in the parent's home and for whom the parent is the legal guardian. Parents are encouraged to check their email or text message accounts, locate the survey messages, and complete a separate survey for each student so responses can be unique to each child's needs. 


Parent responses, along with requirements from local and state health and government officials, will assist the school district as it finalizes its plans for the upcoming school year, which is scheduled to begin August 3. The online survey link seeks parents' specific feedback related to each child about the following topics:


  • How comfortable they are with sending their child back to school for traditional, face-to-face instruction in August, assuming Bulloch County and Georgia maintain the present levels of COVID-19 infection rates;
  • If a child has adequate support from a parent, caregiver, other adult, or older sibling to enable him or her to successfully participate in a virtual learning environment;
  • If provided with an Internet-accessible device how easily could the child access a stable Internet connection using the provided device;
  • If a fully online school option were available for the 2020-2021 school year, would the parent be interested in enrolling their child in that option even if traditional, face-to-face school attendance is also an option, and that school closures are not mandated by official local, state, or federal action.
  • And an open-ended question that seeks parents' feedback about other areas of concern that they would like the school district to consider for 2020-2021 school year, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Bulloch County Schools appreciates the patience of its parents, as its educators and support personnel strive to educate your child in an equitable and safe manner during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Continue to monitor communications from the school district during the summer as our specific plans are revealed and remember our resources and answers to frequently asked questions at


Surveys were emailed to parents of students who were registered and their registration processed by the school to be included in the district's official enrollment and student database as of May 26. Parents, who registered after this time, will be contacted at a later date.  Parents without access to email where contacted by telephone.