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Recipes for Success

Recipes for Success is a great tool for Title I parent involvement! By using these newsletters, parents can: 

  • Strengthen academics, behavior, and study skills for their student
  • Have a list of at-home learning activities that are simple and easy to understand
  • Build positive character traits for their student


October Parent Resources



Home & School Connection

By using the Home & School Connection newsletters, parents can:

  • Improve school success
  • Foster the home and school partnership
  • Make learning fun with simple activities
  • Enhance parenting skills and discipline
  • Build positive character traits
  • Strengthen family life


Reading Connection

By using the Reading Connection newsletters, parents can:

  • Boost school success—and test scores
  • Improve Reading and writing achievement
  • Foster speaking and listening skills
  • Help children become joyful readers
  • Create the foundation for success in all subjects
  • Help children as they encounter more complex material
  • Develop a rich vocabulary
  • Enhance reading comprehension


Math + Science Connection

By using the Math + Science Connection newsletters, parents can:

  • Build a solid foundation in math and science for their student
  • Boost school success—and test scores
  • Nurture children’s wonder and excitement
  • Give families ways to have fun with math and science in their regular routines